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Edinburgh Fringe 2024

'Armed Robbery and Suicidal Intent' returns!

We are taking our play 'Armed Robbery and Suicidal Intent' to Edinburgh Fringe 2024.
We are excited to showcase a reimagined version of our very first show and showcase everything we have learned as a company so far!

Performing August 5th-20th!
TheSpace Niddry Street.

Agnes has planned her suicide perfectly. She packed all her things into labelled boxes, left instructions on how to close a bank account and even unceremoniously cut off her hair to donate to make wigs for sick kids. Seriously and selflessly she has planned it all to a T. But while awaiting her oblivion a burglar enters her house. Manni is 19 cash strapped and desperate, trying to appease her family who wish they were part of the cosy middle-class life Agnes has... or had. After all, What’s scarier than a home intruder? A home intruder’s big sister. This play asks the question of what happens when we die... no, none of that spiritual stuff, thats the oldest question in the book. Pearly gates or no pearly gates you still leave behind an entire human being’s worth of stuff.

Performing August 5th-20th

TheSpace Niddry street


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